4 Qualities That You’re Looking for in an Attorney

La Jolla Law FirmsLiving the adult life tends to get more complicated as each year goes by: taxes, properties, contracts, paychecks, to name a few. One of the most important securities one can get in your adult life is finding themselves an attorney to work through the legal processes and problems one might encounter. For individuals looking for a Jacksonville attorney, here are some qualities that you would want to your local lawyer to possess:

Qualities to Look Out For

  • Professionality and Skill. It is evident that the lawyer is skillful and professional in their practice of law. Professionality means that the lawyer devotes an ample amount of time, energy, and effort, to listen to one’s legal dilemma and work through it. Skill, on the other hand, refers to the knowledge and capacity of the lawyer to carry out the task they have set to do. It is easy to spot this since a professional and skilled lawyer looks like they know exactly what they’re doing.
  •  A good lawyer is one who is quick to pinpoint defenses and materiality of the legal issue presented. They don’t go around in circles talking about things completely unrelated to the issue. They offer a response that has merit on the dilemmas that a client presented to them.
  • Good communication skills. Ideally, a lawyer should be able to explain the law in simple, easy-to-understand terms. It is challenging to communicate with an attorney spouting out complicated legal terms and jargon that he/she might not thoroughly discuss. It is crucial that the client is also aware of the tenets and conditions of the issue at hand: no one wants to be in the dark.
  • Easy to Work With. An excellent attorney-client relation starts with the meeting of the minds of the client and the lawyer. There must be a good professional connection between both of them. This can be seen in the ease of process and flow of solving the problem. Should the client experience difficulties in contacting the lawyer, getting their words heard, or failure to meet ends, the attorney-client relationship would remain ineffective. A lawyer should be easy to work with the client and their needs.

How to Find an Attorney in Jacksonville

Having known the qualities of a reasonable and competent attorney, one now needs to look for one. It is easily done, but the screening process must cater to each of your specific needs:

  • Search the internet. Open up your computer to Google and type the specific keywords “Jacksonville” and “attorney.” You can even add particular search terms that refer to a case you would like to handle: “divorce,” “adoption,” “wills and testaments,” among others. Skim through the pages and carefully read the legal services they offer and the expertise.
  • Ask around. One of the simplest ways to find an attorney is to ask about: try messaging your friends, talking to neighbors, or chatting with relatives. A referral would assure you that the lawyer is indeed reputable, at least from the word of someone you know. Just make sure you put your trust where it is due. There are a lot of attorneys in Florida and Jacksonville that would possess the skills you’re looking for
  • Post an Ad. On the classified section of your local newspaper, you can post an ad stating that your need for a lawyer based in Jacksonville for ease of access and contact. This will attract many calls and offers, so make sure to provide the right contact information and answer the phone when it rings.

Why You’d Need One

The importance of securing an attorney needs no further explanation than the fact that their expertise would make legal dilemmas quicker and easier to handle. The requirement of having a lawyer is granted to an individual to ensure that each one is accorded with the due process of law.

Besides, some aspects need the special power of an attorney: legally binding documents, affidavits, to name a few.


In securing the services of a lawyer, one must be a keen observer of the characteristics of skill, professionality, and capacity. This is since the client’s needs are put at the forefront of every attorney-client relationship.

The main goal of the professional practice of law is according the client with the resolution to a legal problem, and securing the services of a lawyer that is easy to work with would make the process less tiresome.