4 Reasons Why DUI Defendants Should Hire a Criminal Attorney

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One in three traffic accidents in the U.S. is involved with an intoxicated driver. Unless you have legal training and experience for a DUI (driving under the influence) case, the criminal justice system in Florida can be quite challenging to navigate. Here are the top four reasons why you should hire the best criminal attorney Ocala FL, the moment you are faced with criminal charges.

You Need Help to Challenge the Field Sobriety Test

An experienced criminal attorney could suppress the results of a field sobriety test in three possible ways: if there are flaws in the test, if the police officer failed to perform the standard test correctly, and if the officer failed to consider your physical and mental condition. It’s wise to contact a DUI lawyer near you to see which defenses may work best for you. 

You Need Legal Knowledge from an Expert

Most people believe they can do everything on their own and would just rely on stuff they see on the internet, including state laws and penalties. While you may see some relevant information about crimes over the internet, it’s still not enough. Moreover, a DUI case is a serious matter that could put you in jail. If you don’t have any legal background or experience, you probably want to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to receive knowledgeable advice from an expert.

You Need to Refute the Evidence Against You

When the prosecutor in charge of your case presents the evidence against the defendant, the person accused will be most likely clueless of how to contest the validity of the evidence. A criminal attorney can help you in identifying the flaws, inconsistencies, and incorrect information presented against you to help dismiss or reduce the DUI charges.

  1. You Need to Negotiate Reduction in Fines and Jail Time

A criminal attorney has all the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to negotiate a reduction in penalties, penalties, and jail time. If your case ever goes to trial, an expert DUI attorney knows his ways of presenting convincing arguments for negotiations.


These are just four main reasons why you need a skilled criminal attorney if you are facing charges for driving under the influence. It’s wise to reach out to a law office near you, so they can evaluate your DUI case and start collecting the evidence necessary for defending you against the DUI charges.