How to Help Your Lawyer Prepare for the Case

personal injury lawyersPeople who hire personal injury lawyers in Phoenix have the misconception that once their service has been retained, clients have nothing to do. That all the client needs to do is for the lawyer to work on the case from start to finish. However, this isn’t the case. The best chance of winning for both the client and lawyer is by helping each other.


Be Specific When Telling Your Story


Your story is the essential part of the case, and it’s how you narrate your facts which can win you. Make sure to tell your lawyer every detail necessary, and take an active part in the building of the case. Be specific and how the incident occurred, and don’t be afraid to overshare. Your lawyer wants to know everything that happened because even the smallest detail could be significant and change you’ll win the case. As much as possible, don’t leave any aspect behind.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Updates


Always ask updates from your lawyer on where your case stands. This way, your lawyer will have to make sure that he stays on track of your plan. Beforehand try setting deliverable, so each of you are updated about what tasks are needed to be done. Don’t be afraid to be meticulous about what the lawyer is doing, and don’t be scared to ask questions. The only way for you to help the lawyer is if he lets you understand what’s going on, and lets you know what he needs from you. Don’t be afraid to bother him. If he’s someone who doesn’t want to be bothered, then consider getting another lawyer.


Get to Know How He Works


The best client and attorney relationship happens when there’s great synergy between the two. Don’t be afraid to talk to your lawyer and get to know him a little bit. You need to find common ground where the two of you can relate to and feel comfortable discussing. It’s crucial that you establish a good relationship, because most of the time your progress depends on how you work well with each other. Remember, lawyering is a two way process where each has a role in the success of the case.


Even if you aren’t a lawyer, there are still other ways for you to help your lawyer. Half the job of lawyers necessarily includes what the client provides and how they work together.